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Hands-On Training

Our intimate, hands-on program offers a unique approach to help student’s develop their technical skill and creative style!

Classic Lash**Full Lash**Maxi Lash**Lash Lift

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Eyelash Extensions Class

At LashBrow University we go beyond the basics. An intimate hands on learning environment over the course of 2 DAYS our students will be ready to join the exciting world of eyelash extensions.


Lash Perm Class

Add Lash Lift Training to your salon menu or increase your service offerings with the Lash Lift and Tint service. This treatment affords your clients maximum natural length and curl.  You will learn how to apply Elleebana’s lifting lotion for safe and effective treatment.


Gisele, our Founder


The atmosphere and unique training I received from Gisele was second to none. I'm confident and excited for my future in this amazing industry.

Sara Potter

After seeing amazing eyelash extensions from LashBrow University, I wanted to train there ASAP! So glad I did! It was a great learning experience. I'm doing amazing eyelash designs now in Boston.

Sharon Riley

I've been hearing great things in New York about LashBrow Training University and experienced it for myself. Five stars for LashBrow University's training.

Amber Shields